What is Digital Marketing Looking Like in 2015?

Marketing your business digitally, as challenging as it is due to the myriad tools and techniques available, is made even more challenging by the fact that this is an ever changing field. Some changes are made to align with new guidelines released by search engines on their algorithm updates while others are made to keep up with clients ever changing tastes and preferences. So how to align your business’s digital strategy so that you are not just keeping up with the changes, but staying ahead of the game as well as your competition? Well into the first month of 2015, here I am taking a look at the shape digital marketing will take in 2015; so you can be prepared early enough to stay ahead of your competitors.

Mobile Devices

The mobile phone is taking over the traditional use of computers to go online. The revolution is changing the digital marketing too. More and more people are accessing the internet using their mobile gadgets creating big opportunity for marketers to target this new market. Mobile first will be the trend to keep up with, optimizing the information on your mobile site for the specific clientele base you are targeting.

Informative Content

Content is a topic that has been gaining increasing importance over the last couple of years. In 2015 it is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing you have to pay attention to. The type of content you should have is more of informative other than marketing oriented. Educate the users on the particular topic in the content on how to use and access the product you are writing about. The caring connection you create with the helpful content to the customers will surely payoff well.

Social Media

The ever growing social media will create growth or fall in businesses depending on how it is handled. Startups and small businesses will continue their active participation in the social media engaging positively with customers as they see this as their breaking point to gain recognition and acceptance. Organizations which may have a disconnection with their clients in the social media will get punished as the users post negative reviews and comments on their pages effectively reducing the chances of getting new clients. The latest Go-Daddy Super Bowl ad debacle is a prime example of how Social Media brought down the Company’s major PR Strategy.

Multi-Channel Marketing

The interconnection in marketing channels will deepen in 2015. The marketing you are doing on one of the available channels will most likely be reflected in another. Take for example Google has been indexing content in social media in its search results. The model of multi-channel marketing will pick up pace. The use of different channels at the same time and engaging your clients through Call-To-Action models will be hot trend. You will be able to know which marketing channel has the highest lead generation and conversion rate by comparing traffic from all the channels you are using. This way you will be able to replicate the marketing strategy you are using in that channel to other channels.

Security and Privacy

Privacy and security online will take forefront in 2015. In the past people accessing the internet were expecting to have some privacy but this has changed as hacking and client information has been lost in several cases. The expectation for privacy now lies in the hands of the marketer or the seller. The client is expecting you to ensure that there is some level of security in your site. Google also expects this of you and will reward you with a better rank.


The whole intention of digital marketing is to make sales. Quick service will be required. The use of e-wallets for payments are rising as opposed to the traditional methods such as wire which take a few days to clear. Clients feel more secure when they are paying without exposing their financial information to potential hacker’s eye. Google Wallet and Apple Pay are the cases in point. “~ according to The Wall Street Journal, Apple Pay accounts for two out of every three dollars spent in contactless payments”

So gear up, and get your business ready for 2015 and beyond!