LightSources is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of UVC, specialty fluorescent, and sign lamps of all kinds. Based in Orange, Connecticut, they serve both large and small OEMs with custom lamps designed and engineered for a large range of applications.LEADING SPECIALTY LAMP MANUFACTURER

As a means of increasing their new lead flow, LightSources engaged WSI to optimize their web site for 35 primary keywords.  The first step in this project was on-page optimization involving the creation of 35 new SEO landing pages.  These pages were optimized for three kinds of terms:

1) Keywords that describe what the company IS, such as “light bulb manufacturers

2) Keywords that describe what the company DOES, such as “custom light bulbs

3) Keywords for INFORMATION about end product applications, such as “uv water purification

Lamp Manufacturer The 35 pages were implemented on the site by the end of January, and in February we moved into the off-page optimization  phase.  This phase involves the creation of unique original content about the types of products that they make such as low –  pressure mercury lamps and UV germicidal lamps.  This content will then be posted on company specific blogs on WordPress,  Blogger, Tumblr, and the company’s Google+ page.  These blogs will help build page authority for the new SEO pages by linking  to them.

At the conclusion of the off-page part of the program, we expect LightSources will have a steady flow of new leads from searchers looking for a top-notch  manufacturer of custom UV light bulbs.

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