Company Background

Micromanipulator invented analytical probing in 1956 They produce high performance, efficient analytical probe stations and accessories A probe station is used to physically acquire signals from the internal nodes of a semiconductor device. It is often used in the failure analysis of semiconductor devices. Since they’re inception, other companies have started and continue to compete with Micromanipulator in the probe station market

The Objectives

Quality lead generation Marketing primarily through trade shows and referrals No Lead tracking Business was flat No focus on digital marketing

WSI Solutions

Comprehensive analysis of the digital foot print – Prospect & Competitors SEO Audit Educating the Client about DM

The Results

Budget/$2,000 per month

+106 new leads in 1st 6 Months ( B2B )

Now averaging 20-50 leads per month

2019 – 230% increase leads and sales

2019 – 65% traffic vs initial year

62% increase in online sales 2019 vs 2017 (1st year of e-commerce)