Heritage land transfer is a premium title company located in the greater Philadelphia area. The company has been recognized numerous times as one of the top 100 title insurance companies in the nation. The main reasons for such recognition are their customer-focused approach, efficient processes, and the cutting-edge technologies that they use in the title search and insurance process.

Heritage cares not just about their customers, but also about the community at large, as evident by the various scholarship programs they run for the Youth in the community, and the volunteer work their staff participates in.

The real estate market has been highly active recently, and the Heritage team has been busier than ever serving clients and making sure that the clients’ property buying experiences go as smoothly as possible. Being so busy, they were not finding enough time to manage their social profiles and also desired external expertise to help them expand their marketing channels.

Heritage started working with WSI in late 2021, as they were looking for a trusted partner to manage their online marketing, social media channels, and to help them get leads online. After a thorough understanding of their needs, their customers, and the kind of reputation they needed to build online we launched a plan to

-start building their organic rankings in the search engines to help them reach prospective customers who would be looking online for a title search company, and

-to promote their great work and reputation utilizing their social media channels.

After in-depth keyword research, we started optimizing the website by adding fresh new content relevant to their keywords, as well as making sure that the site was technically sound to satisfy Google’s algorithms.

The following are among some of the pages optimized on the website –






We also added a blog to the site and started creating regular high-quality blog posts on the site.

In addition, we are also posting content on behalf of the company on external properties created for them on WordPress,  Blogspot, Weebly, and Google sites.

The early results of the SEO efforts are very promising, with their organic rankings building gradually on Google for their desired search terms. The organic traffic to the website is also building up.

WSI has also been posting regular content on their social media channels, content that is relevant to their audience, and engaging. The social posts are getting engagement and good feedback from their audiences.

We are very excited about this partnership with one of the best Title Companies in the country!