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PPC Online Advertising

Business owners and marketing managers have a lot of tools available for reaching potential customers, and PPC online advertising continues to be one of the most useful. PPC stands for pay-for-click, an advertisement that’s only paid for when a user clicks on it. While paying $2 or more per click may seem like a lot, the potential to make big sales through carefully placed ads more than makes up for the cost of the investment. Like every other form of digital marketing, however, companies can’t expect to use PPC blindly and still expect results. That is why getting help from the PPC specialists is the preferred way to use this powerful tool.

How Does PPC Advertising Work?

PPC advertising is based on keywords. When individuals search for something through their favorite search engine, they get a set of organic results as well as advertisements. Which advertisements are shown depends on how much each company is willing to bid and several other factors based on the medium being used. The more competitive a particular keyword or phrase is, the more it usually costs to run a successful PPC marketing campaign.

Since Google is the most popular search engine, Google AdWords has become the most popular form of PPC online advertising. Google ranks ads through an auction format by calculating the maximum bid from each advertiser with their website’s quality score. For example, a company with a quality score of 8 and a CPC bid of $3 would have a total score of 24. A rival company with a quality score of 10 would only have to bid $2.50 to outrank their competition. Advertisers with high-quality websites don’t have to pay as much to get a good position. So, it’s very important for companies to construct a premium website or high-quality landing page before launching their PPC campaigns.

How WSI Uses PPC to Grow Businesses

Pay-per-click advertising is very powerful when used correctly. At WSI, we start each campaign by doing exhaustive keyword research. That means placing ads on the most relevant keywords as well as less popular search strings that can bring a great return on investment due to their low competition and high click through rate. Once bids are placed and a campaign is up and running, we carefully track performance and make any changes necessary to increase success.

We’re a PPC management service that will:

  • Add additional relevant keywords when necessary
  • Add non-converting words, negative keywords, to reduce waste
  • Split ads into groups for more targeted ads
  • Refine landing pages to maximize conversion rates

The AdWords experts that have worked for WSI over the years have discovered that the campaigns that have the most activity are usually the most successful. That means we work hard to find the relevant keywords, create quality landing pages, and provide thorough, proactive PPC management. Experts from our PPC company are ready to help clients take full advantage of what Google AdWords and other PPC online advertising tools have to offer.

Get in touch and learn how WSI can help your business.