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Conversion – the art of Landing Page Optimization

Most of the time, marketers remain fixated on getting more and more traffic to the site. While it is important, it is as important to make sure that the existing traffic to the site is not leaving without converting. Think about it, if a customer enters your shop, does it make more sense to help that customer in making the purchase or to ignore that customer while trying to get others in your doors?

Landing Page Optimization is the art and the science of designing and refining your web pages so that visitors to those pages easily find what they are looking for and are encouraged to engage with your site and your business. A lot of elements work together to make sure this happens and what works and what doesn’t usually vary from industry to industry depending on the kind of customers you are looking for.

When we build our sites, we base the design around the principles of Landing Page Optimization and Conversion. If you have an existing site, we can also give you suggestions on how to optimize the landing pages to increase conversion. So reach me if you are interested in having a look at your site and improve your conversion rate.

Landing page optimization provides the single biggest opportunity to positively impact your return on marketing dollars invested.

Most companies spend a fortune on advertising yet they never test and optimize their website for conversion performance. This is usually the quickest way to turn failing campaigns into profitable investments.
A one percent improvement in conversion (e.g. lead generation or sales) could equate to significant increases in bottom line profits from our experience.

Shocking Statistic: Over 67 percent of all companies never perform A/B or multivariate testing on their website.

Are your Landing Pages fully optimized? Let us help you.