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Marketing Automation with WSI

For many small and medium-sized businesses, finding the time and resources to engage with potential customers on a one-on-one level is nearly impossible. Modern consumers and clients, however, demand this kind of attention from the companies they patronize. By implementing marketing automation solutions, WSI is able to nurture visitors who are interested in our client’s products and services automatically through advanced software. Meaningful interactions with large groups of potential and existing customers –  something that would have been prohibitively expensive in the past – is now possible with this type of technology.

How Marketing Automation Works

Marketing automation is all about transferring repetitive marketing tasks, like sending out emails, making social media posts, and responding to contact forms, from humans to software. Companies tend to turn towards this technology because:

  • They are short on sales staff,
  • They are generating too few leads, and/or
  • They just want to compete with much bigger organizations.

By equalizing the marketing power between big and small businesses, automation gives smaller companies the opportunity to thrive.

Automation campaigns can take on many different forms according to the specific needs of each company. One of the oldest forms of marketing automation is the use of software to send out email marketing materials automatically based on the actions of an email recipient. More complicated forms of automation use all the information gained about a potential customer to provide inbound marketing materials that are informative and engaging, increasing the chances of conversion.

How WSI Helps Businesses Grow with Automation

Automation is a powerful tool that any owner or marketing manager can use. It isn’t, however, the only thing a company needs to increase sales and gain a positive online reputation. At WSI, we know that automation needs front and back-end support by experienced professionals to be successful. Our marketing automation specialists use technology to:

  • Generate targeted leads:
    We help companies grow lists of individuals who are most likely to want or need the products or services of our clients.
  • Create relevant, optimized content:
    Sending marketing materials to prospects automatically won’t do a lot of good if those materials don’t resonate with their targets.
  • Utilize all available marketing channels:
    We can implement marketing automation strategies across Facebook, Twitter, Google, and all other channels where potential customers are engaging with brands.

Once we have the foundation of a solid marketing campaign in place, we’re able to implement automation tools that scale our efforts to any scope our clients need. We’re able to nurture large groups of potential customers automatically from the time they first engage with a client’s message to their ultimate purchase or repurchase of a product or service.

At WSI, we combine marketing automation with our continually updated expertise and training to get better conversion rates for our clients in the Philadelphia area. A marketing automation consultant from our company is available to speak with owners and marketing managers who want to take advantage of all that automation has to offer.

Get better conversion rates with Marketing Automation.