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Choosing an Effective Facebook Marketing Agency

As of the first quarter of 2017, Facebook had more than 2 billion active monthly users on its social media platform. Whether you own a restaurant, sell artisan goods or manage the marketing department of a local company, your potential customers are using Facebook, and they’re using it often. With the help of an effective Facebook marketing agency, you can connect with those customers and convert many of them to sales. At WSI, we have the skills and experience needed to get the most out of Facebook’s marketing and advertising tools.

How Does Facebook Marketing Work?

Your products and services can be marketed through Facebook in several different ways. You can promote your posts, your main Facebook page, your website, and even focus on specific actions users take while using the platform. None of this by itself is very impressive, but Facebook’s ability to target your ads toward specific groups of users makes it very powerful. You can target ads by:

  • Location
  • Age and gender
  • Education and workplace
  • Relationship status
  • Connections and interests

Ads can be sent to a large group of Facebook users through broad category targeting or to very specific groups of people through precise interest targeting. While generating a sale immediately with an ad can be difficult, expert Facebook marketing services through an agency like WSI will help you nurture potential customers over time until they become loyal users of your products or services.

Why Choose WSI for Marketing on Facebook?

Anyone can create a Facebook ad: it’s pretty quick and easy. Creating marketing on Facebook that will actually generate a return on investment, however, can be rather tricky. At WSI, we’ve developed effective strategies for all types of businesses. Our steps to creating an effective Facebook marketing campaign include:

  • Discovering the target demographic for your specific products or services
  • Creating images and ad copy that appeal to those targets
  • Placing optimized bids for high-performance Facebook PPC
  • Generating conversions through quality landing pages
  • Continuous testing and performance-driven optimization of the ad, the landing page, the audiences, the bids and the placements to generate the best ROI for your campaign

Once your campaign has started, we’ll carefully track conversion results using a variety of tools. Facebook Insights provides some valuable information about what happens within their platform, but we can get highly detailed information about the performance of ads on your site and other mediums through tailored monitoring software. Getting perfect results the first time is rare. So, we’ll constantly adapt our strategies to maximize your ROI.

The Facebook marketing consultants at WSI have extensive industry experience and training, and we are always staying educated on the latest and greatest marketing techniques. If you’re not getting enough sales and leads and want to take full advantage of what Facebook has to offer, we’re ready to help. Contact us today to speak with an expert about using Facebook to connect with customers.